3 Tips for Winning at Keno

Keno is a lottery-type game frikigames.com in which players select between one and 20 numbers on a card of 80. The more numbers they match to those pulled from a real or virtual hopper, the more they can win. Here are three tips that may help players win more frequently.

Patterns in Numbers

While mathematicians will balk at the idea of playing keno based upon number patterns in previous Jackpots games, there are still players who swear by it and who actually win this way. Many players insist that numbers containing three, nine and two are called more often than the rest, but statistical analysis over short periods of time has proven that numbers containing the digit seven are more likely to be pulled. Whether there is any truth behind this is arguable, but winning players are convinced.

Choosing Numbers

The numbers selected on a keno card require some serious thought. They should never be chosen haphazardly or based upon intuition; they should be chosen based upon past patterns and probabilities. Also, it is important to choose popular games the maximum number of spots per card in order to maximize the odds of winning. The more numbers a player can match, the more they could possibly win in the end. The payout increases with each matched number.

Uncalled Numbers

The final tip that keno enthusiasts often mention to new players involves strategies choosing numbers that have not been called for some time. Statistically and mathematically, these are the numbers that are most likely to be called in the future. After all, over the course of millions of games, each number will be called an equal number of times. Players will need to monitor gameplay for a period of time in order to determine these numbers.

These three tips are the ones most commonly provided by players who excel at keno. While nothing will ever change the fact that the game is one of chance, players may be able to win more often by following these rules.